Finding Yourself

Confusion about things that you feel like you should know keeps you from heading in the “right” direction. You’ve always known that there is good in you and you can do great things, but lately you’ve been doubting it. It is hard to know what the next right step is when the world feels so unstable. All of this can be soooo anxiety producing, making you feel like you have to be on top of everything you do without making any mistakes. Leaving you feeling so fatigued all you have energy for at the end of the day is more binge watching. 

There IS STILL good in you. You can still achieve/experience great things. To get there you’re going to have to put you first for a change. 


Therapy is where prioritizing you and your needs will begin. We’ll start your journey by looking at your core motivations, your life story, the impact of your environment and relationships and whether your actions are aligned with your goals. Therapy will also be a place for you to process your unique emotions and experiences. You will receive tools from me both in session and outside of session. We will practice skills in session and outside of sessions, you will receive pdfs, quizzes, book and podcast recommendations and whatever else you might be needing.


Ready to take the next step? Got questions? Reach out to me for your free 15 minute phone consultation to get your questions answered and see if I am the right fit for you.

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What to Expect In Session

Curious about what your sessions will look like? Well, let me tell you. After you complete the first session paperwork online, you will have your first session.


In our first session, we will go over the finer details of the paperwork, address any questions and then jump into what is bringing you into therapy. 


Our second session, we will complete a family map, so that I can understand where your strong and tense relationships are, what major events you have experienced in your life and patterns in family dynamics. We will also discuss your supportive friendships.


Our third session, we will get specific in setting the goals that you have for therapy. 


Throughout these sessions and in the sessions that follow we will also be discussing what is going on for you and what you are currently needing based on what you’re experiencing. All while giving you tools along the way.

Individual Therapy Specialities

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Online Therapy


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EMDR/Trauma Therapy