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Christian Counseling

Things have felt off for some time now. Life hasn’t always gone as planned and you have been wanting to know how to respond differently. You’ve been praying, doing devotionals, talking to trusted friends in Bible study, talking to God and you still feel stuck. You’ve been wondering if maybe it is time to talk to someone. You know that sometimes God answers prayers through professionals and resources, but when addressing matters that are so close to your heart, you want to make sure your therapist shares similar spiritual beliefs. You also want to know that you can say whatever you need to without judgement. Christian counseling allows you the freedom to be candid, keep things confidential, explore your thoughts and feelings and still gain a Christian perspective.

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Benefits of Christian Counseling

  • Keeping Christ at the center of your work in therapy

  • Having the option of incorporating prayer and scripture in session, as you feel comfortable. These components do not need to be incorporated into therapy if you choose. 

  • Validating your experience as a believer

  • Support from a professional, educated in the issues you are facing in addition to being encouraging in your faith.

  • Gaining a new perspective from someone outside of the issue.

  • Confidentiality 

What to Expect in Christian Counseling

It is perplexing to feel like you have run out of ideas on how to deal. God, the Bible and prayer have always helped you get through your hardest times. While your faith still helps, you need something new. It is a big decision to trust a therapist and that decision deserves the utmost attention. Your faith is central to your life, so why wouldn’t you want your work in therapy to be centered around your faith? When the time comes for you to seek support from a professional, you want to know that they share similar beliefs to you. I am personally a Christian and I offer my experience as a Christian as a resource in therapy for those that request to be supported in that way. If you opt for Christian counseling, you will be supported with prayer, Bible verses, Bible stories and shared understanding to the level that you are comfortable, whether you are looking for individual or couples therapy.  


In addition to the Christian support you will receive, you can expect to gain new skills to manage the difficulties you face in life, relevant homework and resources in the form of pdf’s, book and podcast recommendations and assessments. My aim is always to make sure you have what you need to be successful. So, let’s explore what blessings are waiting for you in therapy

If you are ready to start therapy or you have more questions, use the buttons below to contact me or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

To get a sense of what your sessions will look like, click one of the buttons below and scroll to the What to Expect in Session section.

To learn more about the different specialities Christian counseling can be applied to, check out the specialities below.

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Online Therapy

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