Getting Acquainted


I charge $140 for 50 minute individual sessions and $160 for 50 minute couple's therapy.

Sometimes you might find that you need a session that is longer than 50 minutes. For extended individual sessions, I charge $225 for 80 minute session, $250 for a 90 minute session and $280 for a 100 minute session.

​If you are looking for longer couples sessions, I charge $255 for 80 minute sessions, $290 for 90 minute sessions and $320 for 100 minute sessions.

The fee for the Gottman Connect assessment is a one-time fee of $39 that you pay directly to Gottman Connect. The fee for the Prepare and Enrich pre-marital exam is $35 that is paid directly through the Prepare and Enrich website.


I accept HSA and FSA funds and provide superbills, so that you can use your out-of-network insurance benefits. You would pay for the full fee session, submit your superbill to your insurance and receive funds (amount chosen by your insurance) back after submitting your superbill.

To simplify the superbill experience, you can find me on Advekit (link below), where they help you determine your benefits and submit your superbill.

Sliding Scale

I do offer reduced fee sessions. The reduced session fee is $90 per session for individual or couples sessions. I have a limited number of reduced fee sessions available and I required clients to complete an application to qualify. 

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Free 15 Minute Consultation to Begin Your Journey

The therapeutic relationship, like any other type of relationship, needs to be a good fit. Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to ask questions, share your concerns and get to know your future therapist!

Same Sex Female Couple


Free 15 Minute Consultation for You and Your Partner

When beginning couples therapy, you and your partner may both have your own individual questions and concerns about the process. You are both welcome to your own 15 minute phone consultation regarding couples therapy. Call today to get started!