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Online Therapy in Colorado

You just know it is time for therapy. But between commuting to and from sessions, work, your regular errands and your overall pandemic fatigue, you just don’t see how there is time. And honestly, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the outside world. When you engage in online therapy, you complete your paperwork online and have your sessions online from the comfort of your home. Or wherever is comfortable and confidential, really.


Do you remember in high school when teachers would explain the importance of studying in the same space that you take the test? Well, the same could be said for couples therapy. You can have your couples therapy session, practicing your new, healthier communication skills in the same place you typically have your biggest conflicts.

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Tips for Engaging in Online Therapy in Colorado

  • Make sure that you are in a confidential space where no one else can hear the things you share.

  • You must be in Colorado at the time of your session.

  • Check to see if you have a good internet connection. Your telehealth platform should inform you of this before your session.

  • It is helpful for your internet connection to make sure that the only tab you have open is the one for your telehealth appointment.

  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including weed) during your session. This ensures that you’re only saying what you truly want to say and decreases the chances that you will have “vulnerability hangover” following the session.

  • Discuss a back up plan for your session in case you lose connection, such as phone call, using chat function or how you might try to reconnect the online appointment.

  • Sweatpants and comfortable clothing are definitely allowed!

Benefits of Online Therapy

No more worrying about going out in the snow, having to leave for your appointment after already coming home from work or putting on hard pants when you don’t want to. Your pets are also welcome to join you in online therapy. Many people prefer online therapy for the comfort and convenience (and saving on gas).


Want to know more about how the sessions will go? Click one of the buttons below and scroll to the What to Expect in Session section.

If you’re ready to get started in therapy or have questions, reach out via phone call or email using the buttons below. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Online therapy is not all that is offered at Empowered Therapy. Click on the buttons below to check out the specialities that interest you. 

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