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Couples Intensives

You have known that things have been off for some time, but it has been difficult to find the time to commit to ongoing therapy. The thought of spending months in therapy sounds exhausting and too time consuming. 


Maybe you have been spending some time in therapy and finding that you’re not able to go deep enough in a 50 minute session.

If you’re wanting to go deeper, emotionally, in the matter of a day rather than over a month and a half, then a couples intensive could be the right fit for you. You will have my full attention for a full day while we process the past hurts that get in your way of your connection. We will explore the unique characteristics, needs and patterns that exist in your relationship. You will learn how to work with these differences, problem-solve how to meet your partner’s needs and draw on your strengths. You’ll also receive tangible tools to help apply the work following the intensive.

Couples Therapy
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What You Can Expect In An Intensive

  • Meeting in-person at my office in Arvada from 9a-4pm on a Friday of your choosing. You will have an hour for lunch on your own.

  • Complimentary snacks and beverages will be provided for you at my practice.

  • Being able to practice individual and couple’s coping skills in real-time as you feel emotionally elevated.

  • Using experiential exercises to understand your relationship from a different perspective.

  • Practicing research supported tools for how to have conversations to resolve conflict, compromise, plan for the future and connect more deeply.

  • Leaving the Intensive with coping skills based tools ($50-$80 value), your own journal, pdf’s and lists of resources for future progress in your relationship.

  • An hour consult call and a follow up calls (depending on the package you choose).

  • The option to schedule future couples intensives or follow up sessions.

  • This intensive structure can also be applied to pre-marital therapy.

  • The cost for the couples intensive can be found on the fees page found here.

  • More details on what to expect on your intensive day can be found under the “Day of Your Intensive” header below.

​​Prior to Your Intensive

You will start the intensive process with your 30 minute consult video call. This consult call will allow me to come up with an individualized plan for our intensive day as well as give you the opportunity to ask me questions and determine what would work best for you. Once you have your 30 minute video consult and decide that my intensive model is right for you, you will receive an email with your paperwork and you can schedule your intensive. At the time of scheduling your intensive you must pay in full or a payment plan can be discussed. There are 3 different intensive packages to choose from. The cost of the intensives and payment plans can be found on my fees page here.


Following scheduling, you will be sent a Gottman Connect assessment that you both will need to complete at least 24 hours before your intensive. If you are choosing the pre-marital intensive you will also be completing a Prepare and Enrich assessment at least 24 hours before your intensive. The cost of the assessments ($35-$74) is included in the cost of the intensive.

​​The Day of Your Intensive

Arrive by 9am for us to begin. I will give you your tools for the day and share the individualized itinerary that I have created for the day. There will be some main components to our day that are a part of every intensive that I do and there will be many things that will be individualized to you and your partner. What we process through, learn and practice will be guided by what your unique needs are as a couple. Throughout our time together, I will draw from Gottman Method, Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy techniques. To learn more about these approaches, click this link.


Couples EMDR Intensives

For couples that struggle with the impact of trauma in their relationship, I offer Couples EMDR Intensives. When you have tried everything to manage you and your partner's unhelpful automatic reactions, EMDR can help you process through the hurtful events that led to these behaviors. For more information on what a Couples EMDR Intensive can look like, check out my EMDR page. 

Following Your Intensive

Depending on which package you choose you will be able to request your follow up and emergency appointments following the intensive. You will also have unlimited email support for any questions or concerns you may have, depending on the intensive package you chose. Each intensive package has a different number of emergency and follow-up calls available. Information about the number of emergency and follow-up calls available for each package, can be found on my fees page

Emergency calls are 30 min calls (max) that address any pressing concerns that have have come up since the intensive. You do not have to use these, they are optional. Follow-up calls are for situations that may or may not be pressing. This will be a time to address any questions or concerns that you may have. Share about any progress or struggles that you have encountered. You will also have the option to schedule another intensive or traditional therapy sessions following your intensive. This is completely optional and would not be included in the cost of the intensive. Fees for my regular therapy sessions can be found on my fees page.

I would love to answer your questions about intensives! Reach out using the call and email buttions at the top of the page.

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