I charge $110 for individual sessions and $130 for couple's therapy.

For those seeking pre-martial, Prepare and Enrich therapy, I require at least 9 sessions in order to cover all of the material. If you pay for all 9 sessions upfront it is $900. Otherwise, it is $130 per session.


I accept HSA funds and provide superbills, so that you can use your out-of-network insurance benefits. You would pay for the full fee session, submit your superbill to your insurance and receive funds (amount chosen by your insurance) back after submitting your superbill.

Sliding Scale/Reduced Fee

I do offer reduced fee sessions. The reduced session fees are $80 per session for individual therapy and $90 per session for couples sessions. I have a limited number of reduced fee sessions available and I required clients to complete an application to qualify. 

Sport Tactics
Former Athletes

You feel like you have lost your purpose since you lost your sport. Your identity feels like it eludes you. You don't know where to start to begin making sense of life since sport.

First, it is so very necessary to grieve that loss. To acknowledge the love, commitment, grit and disappointment that characterized your experience.

As we explore what transpired we will integrate who you were with you are becoming. We will focus on values, strengths and goals as we create greater clarity and meaning for you.


You are the perfect blend of cynicism and hope. It is an exhausting combination. You have suspicions that you could be powerful, but fear that it is more likely that you are doomed.

Each individual is different, so each approach may differ. I often like to start with clarifying values and goals. Understanding your history, so that we know how to move forward. Our work together will help you better understand yourself, your behaviors and the tools that will allow you to better connect with yourself and others.

Holding Hands

You miss the way that you were. It was so easy! Now you don't know how you got here, how to understand your partner or how to begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We'll start by having you complete a Gottman Relationship Check-up assessment to clarify some stuck stops for you two. Then we will look at the holes in communication, so that you can apply more effective communication skills right away. As we continue on, we will focus on the narratives, attachment styles and patterns that lead you to where you are currently. 

For my pre-marital, Prepare and Enrich couples. You will complete the assessment and we will work through the material of the assessment as it applies to you two, specifically.

Overall, our work together will lead to great understanding and connection. In instances where it is better for the couple to separate, we will work on splitting amicably.

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